5 Cars That Won't Get You A Date On Valentine's Day

If you want to get a hot date for Valentine’s Day, you need a smooth ride. It may seem silly, but the car you drive is an extension of your personality. Here are five cars to avoid if you want a date on the most romantic day of the year.

Ford Pinto

A lower-end, stumpy looking Pinto won't get you a date for many reasons. Driving a Ford Pinto won't communicate any amount of luxury. In addition, if someone rear ends you, there a good chance your Pinto will catch fire.

Geo Metro

Even though the Geo Metro is very economical getting between 38 and 44 miles per gallon, it screams cheap. The car is small, oddly shaped and doesn't get you anywhere particularly fast.

PT Cruiser

The PT Cruiser was popular when it first came out, but mainly with those over the age of 45. If you're trying to land a hot date for Valentine's day, she will have to be very quirky to get in a PT Cruiser with you. Many owners reviewed the vehicle and reported it barely makes it to 100,000 miles before kicking the bucket.

Saturn Ion

You might land a date if you drive a Saturn Ion, but the chances are, you will be drinking alone. Saturn was a car company willing to go cheap with many parts to keep their prices down. Now, they are out of business and finding parts for an Ion isn't easy.

Dodge Nitro

For many, the Dodge Nitro has been nothing short of disappointing. It's small inside, has a cheap look and feel to it, and the engine under performs. Many consumers have reported nothing but problems, and that is was a chore to drive.

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