Almost everyone has had to call a tow truck before. From car accidents to running out of gas, the reasons that tow truck service providers are able to stay in business are large in number. And while the most common reasons for needing a tow truck tend to stay consistent, there are a few unlikely places that you could find yourself in need of a tow truck. Fortunately, even when in these weird circumstances, a tow truck service provider will still be able to assist you.


You've been cruising down the road and then you finally get to the ferry. All is good and you're relieved that you can take a moment from being behind the steering wheel and enjoy the view of the water. But when the ferry ride is over, and it's time for you to get back behind the wheel and drive off, your car won't start. Who would have thought that you're car wouldn't start? You were driving it 30 minutes ago and everything was fine. This is one of the unfortunate circumstances that you might find yourself in need of two truck services.

On Your Way Home From Buying a New Car

You've just bought a new car and everything is going great. On your way home, though, the transmission goes out. What? How could this happen? You literally just bought the car five minutes ago. As unfortunate as this would be, you will still need a tow truck.

On the Beach

The cute girl you worked with finally said yes to the date that you've been asking her out on. Good for you. And to top things off, the weather is perfect and the tide rolling in at the beach is going to make for a perfect date. You and her get to the beach and you even drive your Jeep onto the sand. After having a nice midnight picnic on the beach, it's time to go home. But then you get in the Jeep and it won't start. In fact, when you try to start it, you hear the engine blow. Sorry about your luck, but all you can do is call a tow truck.

On Your Way to Pick Up Your Vehicle

Your car got towed from work because you forgot to put money in the parking meter. That's not all that big of deal, but when your husband takes you to pick up your car from the tow truck lot, his truck gets a flat tire and he doesn't have a spare. This is another unlikely circumstance that you could find yourself in need of a tow truck.

At Your House

One of the last places that you would ever think you would be in need of a tow truck is at your house. After all, if your car makes it home and you park it, why wouldn't it start back up the next morning when you leave to go to work? Sometimes, cars just quit working. There's usually a reason as to why they won't start or run, but the only way to figure it out is by having a tow truck take your car to a mechanic.

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