It's time to sell your car. Maybe you're adding a member to your family or perhaps insurance premiums are sucking your savings dry. Whatever the case, you need to know your options. Let's look at 3 of the most common choices for selling your vehicle.

For Sale By Owner

Ever wonder why you see so many vehicles parked in conspicuous parking spaces with "For Sale by Owner" painted on the window with an accompanying phone number? Because it works. If you have lots of time and patience, it can eventually pay off. For decades, car owners have managed to buy and sell their vehicles without paying a middle man.

Cons: Listing the car and showing it can be a hassle. Potential buyers can call at all hours of the day or night and make (and miss!) appointments. And most likely, if you are selling the car yourself, your buyer will want to haggle over the price. Paperwork--including title transfers, bill of sale, and registration documents--become your responsibility entirely. Pros: The primary benefit of selling your car yourself is that you stand to make more money than any other option. Additionally, you have complete control over the negotiations of the price.

Sell Car to a Dealership

Selling a car can be similar to selling a house. Most people’s first instinct is to go to a dealership.

Cons: Put simply, used car dealers have a reputation for being less than honest in their dealings. At the end of the day, they are more interested in making money for themselves than they are making money for you. While this reputation certainly doesn't apply to every dealer, it is worth noting. Also, haggling with the dealer can be uncomfortable and frustrating. Pros: One of the most obvious benefits to selling a car to a dealership is that it is more reliable than selling to a stranger.

Sell the car to a Cash for Cars Company near Salt Lake City, Utah

If you like the idea of making the money off of your vehicle that is actually worth and yet you don't have the time and energy to sit around and wait for a buyer to bite, selling your car to a cash for cars company is a great idea. Specifically if you are in or around the Salt Lake City area, the choice may be easy.

Pros: We will buy ANY car running or not. Seem too good to be true? Think again. You will receive fair offers from an honest company and (get this!) we will tow your car away for FREE. You can get same day vehicle pickup and have cash in hand. We make the transaction as easy as possible. Selling your car to a cash for cars company is quickly becoming the most responsive, reliable way to sell your vehicle at fair market value. Period.

Notice there isn't a list of cons? That is because there aren't any. Turning your car into cash is a good idea for you and a good idea for us. We have nothing to hide, and you have everything to gain. We'd like to talk to you further about whether or not selling your car (in any condition!) is a good idea.

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