Scrap Metal FAQ (What Metal Can or Can’t be Sold for Cash)

For many individuals, a used up piece of scrap metal may look like nothing more than a piece of junk, destined for a landfill in the near future. But while scrap metal may seem useless, it can actually be recycled or sold at a proper location, and may even score you some cash in return. If you are hoping to make some extra money from metal you may have lying around your home or property, read this short guide to discover what can be sold and recycled, and what you may expect in exchange. 


What Can Be Sold?

Often the center of moneymaking schemes played out by those looking for some extra cash, copper truly remains to be one of the easiest metals to sell for scrap. Prices for this type of scrap may fluctuate depending on its demand, but copper, and especially copper wire, can generally fetch a healthy sum.

Along with copper, aluminum is another type of scrap metal that can be sold for a high return for those that are willing to diligently work to find and collect the metal. Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, and other types of aluminum can all be sold, although this metal is priced by the pound, so those hoping to score a large prize should be prepared to bring in heavy loads of scrap.

Anyone that has a grand amount of old jewelry laying around the house may also be able to net a bit of money by selling it for scrap. And while many scrap dealers will be willing to immediately purchase precious metals, such as gold and silver, sellers should make sure to watch price listings before they part with their treasure, as the worth of these types of scrap can rise and fall over the course of weeks or months. 

It is also worth considering parting with old pots and pans if you need some extra money. Most pans made of steel can be reused in the future, and will be worth a small sum at a dealer. 

What Can’t Be Sold?


Although most types of metal can be sold for scrap, there are certain things that will generally be rejected by those that by scrap. For one, motor oil cans, while often made or coated with aluminum, are unacceptable due to the oily residue that sticks to the material. Additionally, paint cans are often rejected as well, largely because of the impossibility of recycling paint along with the metal. With this, any type of metal container that is mixed with cardboard, paper, or any other type of material that cannot be easily removed will be rejected as well; scrap dealers are looking for scores of metal, but are not interested in working extra in order to separate what they need from additional refuse. 

Make Money with Scrap!

If you are looking to make a bit of extra money, and don’t mind parting with the scrap metal in or around your house, consider selling it for cash to a local dealer. A scrap dealer can tell you how much your metal load is worth, and can put money in your hand immediately in exchange for your used up treasure.

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