What is the Technical Term for "Signing Over the Title for a Car"

When you sell a car to a buyer and they request that you sign your car over to them, what they are referring to is a title transfer. While there are other reasons title transfers occur -- one person gifting a car to another, for example, -- a person must understand what a title transfer is before it is possible to understand why one might occur.

A title transfer is the legal process of transferring ownership of a car from one person to another. While there is also a physical title that vehicle is required to carry with them when they are driving, it is more important that the a certificate of title is registered with the State of Utah, because -- ultimately -- the person´s whose name is on the certificate of title that is registered with the state is the owner of a vehicle.

Title Transfer as It Relates to the Sale of a Vehicle

Once a seller has been compensated for a vehicle, in order to conduct a title transfer -- or sign the vehicle over, -- there are a few steps a person must take. The first is to write the mileage of the vehicle on the title; the second is to sign and date the title; the third is to remove the license plate from the vehicle; and the last thing a seller must do is notify the state that they are no longer the owner of the vehicle. 

Notify the state by writing to:

Division of Motor Vehicles

Suspended Transaction Unit

P.O. Box 30412

Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Fax: (801) 287-3570

Also, as a seller, it is your obligation to provide the buyer with current safety and emissions certifications. 

Title Transfer as It Relates to the Purchase of a Vehicle

When a person is purchasing a vehicle, they also have responsibilities as it relates to the signing over of a car -- the title transfer. The first a person should do is sign and date the title and take it. The second is to take the safety and emissions certifications and the last thing to do is go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and submit a Vehicle Application for Utah Title. There is also a $6.00 fee for the title transfer. 

In addition, the buyer of a vehicle will be required to pay taxes for the purchase.

Title Transfer as It Relates to Removing a lein from a Transfer

Once a person pays of a car loan, they are entitled to the title. If the title is not received in the mail, the person should contact the creditor and request the title. Once the title is in hand, the same steps must be taken that any other person transferring their name onto a title would take, with the exception of the taxes.

Transferring a Title to Family Members, Gifting a Vehicle or Donating It

For all practical purposes, signing a car title over to a family member, gifting a vehicle or donating it requires the same process as a vehicle that is sold to a third party. 

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