6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave an Unused Junk Car on Your Property

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Junk cars are not a pretty sight. If the unused vehicle is broken and in obvious need of repair, it could draw attention from unwanted vandals. Aside from looking poor on the property and being a potential hazard, unused vehicles can also pose a long-term issue. Read this list of reasons why undrivable or junk vehicles shouldn’t sit idly.

1. Attractive Nuisance

Neighborhood kids are always looking for the next thrill. A parked vehicle that does not move, could certainly serve as an attention grabber for playing children. Especially if the car has broken parts, kids may be fond of an idea of using the car as a play tool. Most states have rules about attractive nuisances. A homeowner can be liable if a child is injured because of a known condition that could entice children to his or her property.

2. Leaky Fluids

Cars naturally leak fluids. Parked and unused vehicles leak even more. The excessive fluids are chemicals of a varied nature. The various fluids can be dangerous and downright toxic to the environment. Some chemicals that leak from an unused car can be poisonous and unfortunately, even fatal.

3. Eroding Paint

Paint that is exposed to one spot excessively, will start to erode from the constant sun radiation. As the paint flakes away from exposure to heat or adverse weather conditions, bubbling, clumping, fading and color changing will occur in the junk car.

This further devalues your vehicle making it harder to resell and more work to restore.

Although the paint damage may not be a factor if the car is undrivable, the peeling paint is still very unsightly.

4. Accumulation of Rust

A car that has been sitting for a prolonged period of time, is bound to start accumulating rust. The corrosive effect which inevitably sets in can lead to very drastic scenarios. For example, an unsuspecting car owner can be liable for a previously owned vehicle involved in an accident, caused by frame corrosion. Frame corrosion is a known result of rust.

5. Property Devaluation

Junk cars can contribute to the devaluation of property. Taking into the collective consideration of the community, neighbors may be disgruntled at having to look at junk cars in the neighborhood. They could also be upset at any decrease in surrounding home values. A junk car does not only affect the private property it sits on. Any decrease in property value based on the unsightliness of a junk car can bring down surrounding property values as well.

6. Unwanted Visitors

Insects, rodents, and unwanted visitors can find refuge in an abandoned looking vehicle. A junk car sitting on homeowner property could easily become a magnet for pesky bugs. Insects and the like, look for a secure haven outside of environmental conditions. A junk car could certainly prove the chosen solution. Taking precautionary measures to prevent undesired crawlers from infiltrating a junk car is typically ideal.

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