When to Sell Your Car?

It's time to part ways with your car when it no longer serves its intended purpose, or it's so outdated that you spend more money keeping it going than it's worth. This is especially true if your vehicle has been sitting in the driveway, garage, or yard, for months or even years.

It's time to reclaim your space and add a little padding to your wallet at the same time. Grab a pen and piece of paper to jot a couple of things down.

How Much Is Your Car Worth?

The answer may surprise you. Go ahead and put a number value on that old car.The internet makes it easy to find the appoximate value of your used vehicle. Use an online search tool and enter the year, make, model, and condition of your vehicle, for an instant dollar amount. Write down how much your car is worth. Is it more or less than you imagined it would be?

What Are The Real Costs of Keeping Your Unwanted Vehicle?

Now that you know what your car is worth, let's compare that amount to the real cost of maintaining your vehicle. When you get right down to it, how much does it cost every month to keep your car zooming or puttering down the highway? Is it a gas or oil guzzler? Write down what you spend each month at the pump, as well as any other recurring costs. This should include tires, oil changes, or storage costs as well.

Auto Repairs vs. Money Owed

This is a deciding factor for many people when they decided to sell their used vehicle. Now that you know the value of your car, jot down how much you still owe on it, if anything.

Next, make a list of the repairs that need to be done on your vehicle. Try to think of everything from the engine and transmission to the starter and timing belt. If you were thinking of refurbishing your vehicle, don't forget the interior and a new paint job. Write down the cost of each of those repairs including parts and labor. If you aren't sure of the cost, do a quick search on an auto parts chain store website. You should have a good idea of the hit your wallet is going to take to get your car running or keep it running. Your paper should look something like this:

Value of your car (-) monthly costs (-) repair costs (-) what you owe if anything = ?

Now you have the numbers you need to make an informed decision: your cars market value, how much it costs each month in maintenance, how much you'll need to put into repair costs, and what you still owe. If you're in the negative, there's no reason you have to be. You can cross that negative number out right now. What could you do with extra cash? Pay a few bills, go on a vacation, maybe put a down payment on a new car?

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