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Scrap metal recycling companies are basically made up of three dynamic departments, which are collecting, processing and reselling. The demand for iron and steel is driven by the auto, steel and construction industries. On average each year, recycling companies are responsible for processing over 70 million tons of ferrous metals (iron and metal) and well over 9 million tons of nonferrous metals (copper, aluminum, etc.).  

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Scrap metal is separated into two separate categories; leftover metal from industrial manufacturing operations called industrial scrap and metal that is collected from used metal products (scrap metal car pick up). After collecting these types of metals from junkyards, recycling centers, and industrial sites, metal processors shred the scrap into fist-sized shears. Ferrous metals are then separated from non-ferrous metals by the use of magnets. The quality of the new steel made from the scrap depends on the quality of the scrap, which was recycled. Because of this, there is an extensive grading system made up of over 80 grades of unprocessed ferrous scrap. Scrap metal from junk cars varies within this grading system.  
Because of metals high demand on an international level, scrap metal has been a huge export commodity for the United States, especially to China. This has been economically beneficial to the US by helping reduce the deficit caused by importing so many products from China. Due to the fact that scrap metal is a global commodity, the global market affects its price. When the recession hit in 2008, the price of scrap metal dropped from $700 / metric ton to $250 / metric ton. This price reduction was a direct result of a slowed economy, resulting in lower demand for the product. On the flip side, scrap metal has seen artificial inflation due to companies holding onto their scrap metal resources, therefore shortening supply and creating a higher demand. A few years ago the industry experienced a 70% increase in price due to this artificial creation of higher demand. Nevertheless, it is a fact that in recent years China (along with South Korea, India, and Japan) has increased its demand for scrap, further raising the price. For example, in 2008 world steel consumption increased by 6.8% while global metal consumption by China alone rose from 10% up to 25%. There seem to be no end in sight for the demand of scrap metal.  
Recycling of cars and scrap metal is not only important for our economic growth, but it is also important for our environment. By recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals, we limit the amount of ore that must be mined from the earth. In doing this we are saving natural resources for future use and stimulating economic growth. More recycling means less mining, which equates to reduced carbon emissions for a cleaner atmosphere. Also, some scrap metals like lead are toxic to the environment. Proper handling, recycling, or disposal can significantly improve not only our environment but developing countries as well. And a cleaner and safer world is a world we can all live in.  

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Environmental Importance Of Scrap Metal Recycling In Utah

If someone told you that helping to save the planet for future generations meant putting cash in your pocket, most people would say "sign me up!" That's the gist of what the Salt Lake City, Utah, company Junk Car Cash Out does by recycling cars and scrap metal. Our scrap metal professionals at Junk Car Cash Out will pickup undrivable vehicles and haul numerous forms of scrap metal that will re-enter the industrial cycle. Not only will we pay you cash for your scrap metal, we will haul it away for free too! Here are just some of the ways that scrap metal recycling in Utah supports a cleaner environment.  


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Proper Disposal of Contaminants and Toxins

It may come as a surprise, but machinery such as old cars, refrigerators, and others often contain toxins that can threaten the environment. If they end up in landfills where they aren't properly handled and continue to move through the scrap recycling process, fluids and contaminants could impact the soil or even pollute the water table. Improper scraping can pose a real danger to our environment. Fortunately, our professionals at Junk Car Cash Out are committed to draining and the proper disposal of harmful fluids and sending recyclable parts and scrap metal through the pipeline. Junk cars and other scrap metals are turned in raw materials for new products. But recycling scrap does a great deal more than just turn old into new.

Energy Conservation

Every action to produce viable materials for manufacturing requires massive energy output in the commercial sector. Consider the process of locating, drilling and unearthing energy sources. Coal, oil, natural gas are then necessary to fuel the mining and material developing process. Machines will need to excavate metal ores. These will need to be trucked to plants, processed and then the metals will need to be smelted, formed, fabricated and on and on. A Stanford University, for example, reports that by recycling one ton of aluminum, 14,000-kilowatt hours of electricity and 40 barrels of oil could be saved. The scrap metal you have lying around already utilized that energy. Now it just needs to be picked up and recycled.

Conserve Ore Supply

There is a limited amount of mineral resources on the planet. Recycling scrap metals has a tremendous positive impact on reducing the need to use up those resources. Recycling just one car alone can, reportedly, reduce the need for 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 barrels of coal and 120 pounds of limestone. And, recycled steel cuts the energy use by 60 percent over iron ore production.

Job Creation

According to the National Recycling Coalition, sending scrap metal through the recycling process generates 36 times more jobs than sending it to an incinerator and six times more employment than allowing it to end up in the landfill. Businesses such as Junk Car Cash Out, that are part of the overall recycling industry, generate upwards of $236 billion toward the economy each year. So, you get paid, people get jobs and tax revenue is generated. That’s a win-win-win.  

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