Piggy bank on wheels - Junk Car Cash Out in Salt Lake City, UtahHere's what seems like a simple question, How do I get rid of that junk car out back? Most of us don't scrap junk cars that often, so most of us aren't sure exactly how to go about the process other than to pay someone to tow the junker away.  You don't want the junk car rusting away on our property, and if there is some value in a junk car, why not take advantage of that opportunity?  It makes more sense to get some value rather than lose money in the transaction. Junk Car Cash Out!, located in Utah can help you get rid of your junk car, or any other scrap metal you need to clear away.

How Much Money is a Scrap Car Worth?

There is no one size fits all answer to what a junk car is worth. When salvage yards conduct an appraisal on a junk car, almost all use these factors will play into the value placed on an old car. These factors offer some consistency in determining how junk cars are valued. One consideration is parts, and since some cars are relatively commonly driven even when they're 20 years old, those cars tend to have more value because the guy who drives a Dodge Neon will need a part from time to time. Cars that are junked more quickly have lesser value.  Another common factor is that prices can vary on location, the size of the car, and scrap metal prices. Also, some newer cars have more plastic incorporated into their bodies than older cars had. Other Common Factors:
  • Scrap metal prices, which can vary depending on location.
  • Condition of the vehicle.
  • How commonly the model of vehicle is still driven, increasing the demand for parts.

Most Junk Cars are Generally Sold for Between $200 & $400.

Most wanted junk cars infographic - Junk Car Cash Out in Salt Lake City, UT

What if Car Parts Have Been Removed?

Another important factor in a junk car is what parts are missing. Some parts, when sold on a secondary market can increase the value of a junk car compared to that part being left in the car and just part of the scrap that is sold. On the other hand, if a junk yard finds the part missing, they won't pay as much for the junk car. All things considered, it is usually worth the time and effort for the car owner to remove the parts before the sell the car as junk.

Cash for Junk Cars Near Salt Lake City, Utah

Junk Car Cash Out! will buy your junk car whether it runs or whether it hasn't moved for years. Even if your car was an insurance write-off, damaged in a flood or fire, it doesn't matter to us. No matter the make, model, age, or condition of your junk car, we can help get it off your property. We're known throughout Utah for paying top dollar for junk cars, and other scrap that you're ready to get rid of. We will come to your property and tow your junk car off your lot for free and give you cash right on the spot. It has never been easier to remove your junk car in the Salt Lake than right now thanks to Junk Car Cash Out! Contact Junk Car Cash Out in Salt Lake City, Utah and let us help you get rid of the junker out back, or any other scrap metal you need removed. Download a PDF of this page: