Junk truck at salvage yard - Cash for Wrecked Cars in Salt Lake City, Utah
You and that old car have had a good run, but the time has come to put it to rest. Maybe you wrecked it or it’s just seen better days, either way you want to sell it and get a good price. You may be looking for a new car and need a little cash for the down payment or maybe you just deserve a shopping trip or a weekend get-away. These days, a little extra cash can be really useful!

Save Time with Utah Junk Car Cash Out

Listing your car for sale and hoping the right buyer will contact you takes time. You could wait months to list and sell your wrecked vehicle. You may even have to negotiate the price down a few times before you are able to sell it. You may or may not get top dollar for your damaged car. It’s a toss up.
Junk Car Cash Out of Utah will quickly pick up your wrecked car car even if it’s totaled! We are a full service auto buyer with licensed towers and an auto junk yard. We will pick up your vehicle for free and pay you cash for it! Just give us a good time to come out and pick it up. We provide our services all across the state of Utah.

Damaged Vehicles We Accept

We buy old cars and new cars and the damage doesn’t matter! We buy cars that run and cars that don’t. We accept flood or storm damaged vehicles as well as wrecked an even totaled automobiles. It doesn’t matter if the damage is mechanical or aesthetic. Is your vehicle unrecognizable? No problem! Does it run but just barely? That’s good too! Does it look great but the engine has given up? We’ll take it!
We pay cash for all damaged vehicles including:
  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Motorcycles
  • Dump Trucks
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Boats
We provide free removal of your junk vehicles. We will tow it at our expense to our salvage yard to be properly recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Requirements For The Sale

Selling your junk vehicle to Junk Car Cash Out is easy! To get an instant quote on your damaged car, all you need is a valid title or a salvage title. Give us a call and we will give you a quote within minutes.

We Pay Top Dollar Because We Care About Our Customers

We know life is hectic. You are busy and in a hurry. You want the best possible price for your junk vehicle. At Junk Car Cash Out, we want to provide you with the best service in our industry. Just give us a call and we will quote the best price possible for your junk vehicle.
We have provided years of trusted and reliable service to our Utah customers. We will offer you the best price available and we will take care of removal and towing to one of our auto junk yard locations. We will gladly recycle your junk vehicle.

Our Cash for Wrecked Cars Process:

  1. Call our office at 801-441-2766.
  2. We will come to your location and quote you the best possible price.
  3. We will give you cash on the spot for your junk vehicle.
  4. We tow away your wrecked car at no charge.
It’s that easy!

Get Cash for Your Wrecked Car with Junk Car Cash Out in Utah

Let us quote a price for your wrecked car. We are one of the most trusted damaged car buyers in Utah and we want to give you cash today for your wrecked car no matter the condition. Contact Junk Car Cash Out in Salt Lake City, Utah today by either filling out our online form, or calling us at 801-441-2766 for your top dollar offer. We recycle wrecked and damaged vehicles properly in an environmentally friendly way and you never pay a towing fee.
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