At Junk Car Cash Out, we make selling your car for cash a quick and easy process. While we can get you cash for your car on the same day, you'll need to do a small bit of work to help things go smoothly. Be sure to take care of the following before you sell your junk car:


Gather Appropriate Documents Needed to Sell Your Car for Cash

Even if your car is being sold for scrap, all the paperwork needs to be in order. We have to protect you from the possibility that someone else might steal your car and try to scrap it, and we have to follow certain requirements to keep our business license. Just like with any car sale, you'll need to sign over the title and provide us with the current registration certificate. We'll also require your driver's license to make sure that you are actually you and not a thief trying to forge your signature. If you need any of these documents, you can head to the closest DMV office. The process is designed to protect you and your new car from theft and fraud.


One problem we frequently run into is where the owner received the car from a family member or friend and never properly transferred the car into their name. While your family member or friend might agree that the car is yours and you have every right to sell it, we can only buy a car from the person actually named on the title. If that isn't you, you'll either need to bring that person with you to sign the paperwork or have them transfer the title into your name.


Remove Any Valuables and Personal Belongings

Be sure to clean your belongings out of your car. We may be a junk yard, but a car filled with junk disrupts our process of collecting scrap metal, and we can't accept a car filled with unwanted personal belongings. Also make sure you search your car for small electronics and other valuables. Look in your CD player (if that's still a thing for you) we always end up with a ton of CD's.  Also make sure you take all paperwork out of the glove box. We will need the registration, however, things like insurance cards will probably contain information that you want kept private.


Remove the License Plate

In Utah, license plates stay with a specific owner. There is no option to transfer them when you sell a vehicle. Even if we were buying your car to drive it, we'd be responsible for getting our own plates. To avoid future fees, remove your license plate.


Call Junk Car Cash Out to Get an Estimate

Junk Car Cash Out is a Salt Lake City car buyer that pays top dollar for junk cars throughout Utah. We buy any car from cars that have been totaled in accidents to cars that haven't run in years to later mile cars that just aren't worth the time and effort to sell them. There's no need to wait for weeks waiting for the right buyer who won't try to low ball you and then having to worry about their payment. Simply call us, get a quote, and trade your car for cash that same day. If it doesn't run, we'll tow it for free. Contact us to find out how much your car is worth.

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