Like many dreamers, I had a vision of what my 1966 ford mustang would look like when I finally "had enough money" to fix it up.  A couple of weeks ago I realized that, a. life is getting more and more expensive with my little family and b. I wasn't making that much more money.  I decided to be realistic and let the old mustang go.  A guy who lived about an hour away bought the car but had a couple of problems to deal with.  The car did not run and the tires were missing or flat.  Dealing with this junk car removal would have been very difficult for him had I not had a tow truck in which I was able to lend him a hand.  Moving a running car with actual air pressure in the tires is one thing, effectively performing a junk car removal and relocation is a totally different story.  LUCKY YOU!!  We handle all that for you!!  

Broken down vehicles are not easy to move at all.  They are heavy, heavy, heavy.  Not to mention that their sheer weight seems to be compounded by the fact that there is hardly ever any air in the tires because the car or truck has been sitting for two years.  Have you ever tried to PUSH a Chevy Silverado onto a car dolly with flat tires?  Good luck!  Here at, we handle all the difficult junk car removal for you. All you have to do is click on our link or pick up the phone and we (or one of our affiliates) will come over in a timely manner and take care of that junk car removal for you.  You do not need to own a tow truck or even borrow one from your buddy down the road.  We have all the tools to get that old car off your property.  Oh yes, and did I mention that towing is free?  and we leave you with CASH in hand?  That’s right!  Get in touch with us right now and see how much cold hard CASH your old car or truck can bring without you even lifting a finger!  Let us take care of that junk car removal and all you have to do is concentrate on where you are going to spend all that MONEY!

Junk Car Removal in Utah

We pride ourselves here at for paying the most for your unwanted junk car or truck. Some people think that just because their car or truck is not thirty years old that it does not qualify for our program. Did you know that we buy broken down vehicles as new as 2013? That’s right! Any vehicle that cost too much to fix up (or that you may just want gone) qualifies for our junk car removal program. Let me make myself clear, we buy ANY car or truck, ANY make or model, guaranteed! Did you get into an accident with your new truck and you don’t have insurance? Do you not like what the insurance company is trying to offer you to total out your car or truck? Shop us out and let us see if we can give you a competitive price for your car or truck. A junk car removal does not mean that you have to get pennies on the dollar for your unwanted vehicle. You have an unwanted or broken down car and we have money. There is a junk car removal that needs to take place here. Let’s get together and get you some CASH!

What are you waiting for?  Our professional phone reps and e-mail correspondent reps have been instructed to offer you TOP DOLLAR for your junk car removal whether it is a car or a truck.  When you click on our link or call us by phone, you are only minutes away from a higher payday and a cleaner lawn.  So get that money you deserve for your junk car removal and remember, WE HANDLE EVERYTHING FOR YOU!

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