Summers can be hot here in Utah and the scorching sun in the desert, as well as long road trips can cause automobiles to overheat. Sometimes when a car overheats, the engine can be irreparably damaged. In many cases, your auto insurance will not cover engine damage, and when an engine needs to be replaced, you are often better off junking the car and buying a new one. Junk Car Cash Out, based in Salt Lake City, offers great cash deals for junked or totaled cars, which can save you some headaches if this happens to you.

Why Is My Engine Overheating?

Automobiles can overheat for a number of reasons and affect a variety of parts of the engine and inner workings. Some of the more common causes include:

  • • Leaks in the cooling system: Leaks can occur anywhere in the cooling system from the hoses to the pump, from the thermostat to the gaskets and freeze plugs. When your car loses the ability to cool itself, it will overheat and cause trouble.

  • • Incorrect coolant: Make sure to use the coolant recommended by your automobile’s manufacturer. The wrong kind of coolant can result in overheating.

  • • Blocked passageways in the coolant system or radiator: If dirt and debris block the hoses, tubes and fins found in your vehicle’s coolant system, the automobile will not be able to efficiently cool itself and could result in the radiator completely failing.

  • • Broken or faulty water pumps: The water pump is responsible for moving the coolant throughout the system to cool and protect the engine. If this pump is not working properly, your car will not cool itself, resulting in overheating.

  • • Bad thermostat: If the thermostat of your engine does not work properly, it will not signal that the coolant system needs to be utilized.

What To Do If Your Car Is Overheating

You should always pay attention to the engine thermostat on your dashboard. If you notice that your engine is getting too hot, there are some basic steps and maintenance you can take to protect your vehicle.

First, park in a shaded area and turn off your engine. Pop the hood and let the engine cool down on its own. You should NOT remove the radiator cap; There could be significant pressure in the coolant system which could result in some nasty burns if the water or coolant escapes. Once your car cools down, refill your coolant. You can also check your hoses for any blockages, leaks, or holes. Cars usually don’t over heat on their own and you might be able to identify the reason and fix it on your own. You should also always keep a safety kit and basic maintenance tools including extra coolant, a flashlight, and water in your car, just in case.

Sell Your Totaled Car to Junk Car Cash Out

Sometimes, overheating and the subsequent damage is unavoidable. When your vehicle’s engine is irreparably damaged due to an overheated engine, your best option may be to scrap it and start over. Junk Car Cash Out will pick up any junked vehicles anywhere in Utah. Additionally, even if you’re not sure if your car is totaled due to overheating damage, Junk Car Cash Out offers towing services to move your car to any location in the state. If your car is totaled, it doesn’t matter what caused the damage or how old it is, Junk Car Cash Out will buy your car off of you for cash. If you are ready to get rid of a vehicle fill out our convenient online form or call us at 801-441-2766.

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