Junk Car Illustration - Getting Cash for Junk Cars FAQ

Common FAQs

When the tow driver arrives to pick up the vehicle, he will pay the agreed-upon amount with cash or check (depending on location).
The dispatch or tow driver will call the cell number we have on file to confirm a pickup time. Once they’ve verbally confirmed a time with you they’ll show up at that time, confirm the vehicle VIN matches the title VIN, show you where to sign the title, pay you, and then tow the vehicle away.
At JCCO we’re about getting cars gone! But some people don’t like the prices. That’s ok. Shop the car around, try a private sale on Craigslist or KSL. If you make more money that way, no problem. But after a few weeks without success, come back and input your information again. The price of metal is a major factor for our quote prices, so as that fluctuates, so do our prices. If you try again in the future you may be able to make some more, but there’s no guarantee.

Title & Lien FAQs

Yes, it is still possible to get your car picked up without a title. Sometimes people lose titles, and when that happens we’ll need the VIN number. The VIN is located under the window on the driver side down on the dashboard, or just inside the driver door either on the door or on the frame inside the door. Some foreign models have the VIN number on the frame inside the back door, driver side. Another good place to find a VIN is on an old insurance card or registration card. We then verify the VIN with the DMV to make sure there are no lien-holders. If it’s a clean title we can still buy it, but it will be at a reduced price due to admin paperwork. If there is a lien-holder or its registered out of state, we may impound it.
If you want to get a new title you have to apply at the DMV. From the DMV website, you can download and fill out an “Application for Utah Duplicate Title” form TC-123. A DMV agent can verify it has been filled it out properly. A new title application fee costs $6. For more info click here.
A lien is the right of a 3rd party to claim ownership of a vehicle until the loan has been paid off. Typically this is a bank or credit union, or a title loan company like TitleMax or Utah Title Loans. They keep your title as collateral until the loan is paid off. You can’t sell the vehicle until you pay the outstanding loan amount, or pay in full. The bank or title loan company is the Lien Holder.
You pay off the balance of the loan to the lien-holder.
You have two options if you have a lien.
  1. You pay off the lien and get the title back with a stamp on the front stating that you have been released from the lien,
  2. Or we can impound your vehicle.

Impound FAQs

Vehicle impoundment is the legal process of placing a vehicle into an impoundment lot or tow yard, which is a holding place for cars until they are placed back in the control of the owner, recycled for their metal, stripped of their parts at a wrecking yard or auctioned off for the benefit of the impounding agency. Some people simply need a vehicle gone. A common example of this is a car that was abandoned on your property by a relative or an old tenant, and you don’t have the title. The impound allows us to take it off your hands legally and report it with the state.
First, you’ll have to send us a photo of the VIN number. Once we verify the VIN and we agree to impound the vehicle we send the tow truck driver out to pick up the car. You have to meet the driver to sign the impound request tow form. Once that is signed, we tow the vehicle away and that is it.
In most cases, we cannot pay for an impound due to a lot of storage fees and administrative fees. So if you need to just get rid of a vehicle, this is an option.
Sometimes we cannot take any more impounds. This is mainly due to capacity. Our impound lot has limited space, and the impound paperwork can sometimes take up to two months to process. So, once the lot is full, and we’re waiting for the current vehicle paperwork to be completed, then we physically can’t take on any more impounds. We don’t have the capacity. In those circumstances, please try again in a month or two.

Pick-Up Process FAQs

Titles can be very confusing with where to sign, and the DMV office will not accept any title signed erroneously. Therefore, we strongly encourage all of our customers to wait for the tow truck driver to arrive before signing. The driver will show you where to sign. Please do NOT sign the title until the driver arrives.
Once the quote is accepted and the title verified, then the dispatch will call the phone number on file. They will set up a day and time to come and pick up the vehicle. They will only come if they speak to someone on the phone first.
Yes, you have to be there in person to sign the title and collect the money. Whoever is named as the owner on the title has to meet the tow driver at pick up time.
Absolutely. Once the dispatch and tow driver contact you, you will have their number. If you need to reschedule please reach out and let them know via phone call or text. If there are traffic problems or truck trouble, our drivers will reach out and let you know if there is a timing issue. We ask all of our customers to do the same and be courteous and communicate with the driver if there is a scheduling problem.