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How do I sell my car for cash?

As soon as you call or contact Junk Car Cash Out, one of our specialists will provide you with the information you need in order to sell your junk car for cash. You simply provide us with the make, model and year of the car, and we will tell you how much cash you will receive. The process really is that simple!

How quickly will I get paid once I sell my car?

A towing professional will be dispatched to your location, no matter where you live in Utah, to pick up your junk car. Upon their arrival, you will receive cash immediately.

How will I be paid?

We pay you top dollar for your junk car. Contact us to pick up your damaged or junk car, and we will pay you in cash immediately when we arrive to tow the vehicle away.

How much will I get for my car?

Our trained specialists provide you with a quote for the amount of cash you will receive for your junk car shortly after you contact us. The make, model and year of your junk car helps us determine the fair, top dollar you will receive.

Do I have to bring my car to you to sell?

We provide you with complimentary towing services to remove the car. Our towing service is available across the state of Utah so matter where you are located, we come to you with cash to remove your junk car immediately.

Do you buy new cars?

Yes, we provide cash for all kinds of cars. This is true for cars built in 1945 to cars built last month, and everything in between. Whether your car is still like-new, or if it can no longer be repaired or is severely damaged beyond what it would take to reasonably fix it, we'll still buy it!

Can I sell a flood damaged car?

You may be surprised to know that even in a desert state like Utah your car may be susceptible to flooding. We will buy your flood damaged car and give you cash immediately.

What do I need to sell my junk car?

All you need is to call us or contact us online and provide us with some basic information about your car. Our specialists will walk you through the process of selling to us, and getting the cash you need in hand immediately.

Contact Junk Car Cash Out Today!

Get rid of that junk car that has been sitting in your driveway and receive top dollar today. Call Junk Car Cash Out at 801-441-2766 today or visit us online and fill out a simple form. We provide towing services all across the state of Utah and can provide you with immediate cash for your junk car, whether old or new.

Junk Car Cash Out is in the business of providing you top dollar for your junk car. Whether your car has been in an accident, it old or new, has been flooded or is no longer serviceable, we can provide you with a reasonable offer for your car. We will immediately be at your location with a truck from our statewide towing service to remove the car. There is no need to fill out a lot of forms or wait days to receive cash for your junk car. Contact us today and get the cash you need right now for that junk car!

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