Seven years ago, our company was nothing more than a local tow company which moved broken down vehicles for title loan companies and banks to the local junk yard. After about a month of moving cars to the junk yard, the owner at the time told us that they would buy cars from anyone. So our company started knocking on doors and putting ads in the local paper to generate some business.
Tow Truck with car in tow - Cash for Junk and Wrecked Automobiles in Salt Lake City, Utah
Our company has grown to the point where we can pay top dollar for broken down vehicles and running vehicles as well. With our corporate head quarters located in Salt Lake City, UT,  Junk Car Cash Out processes hundreds of cars a month at our own facility. This allows us to be able to be very competitive and get you the most money for your unwanted vehicle. As our company has grown, it has given us the opportunity to expand. Shortly, our services will be offered in other areas of the United States; expanding our opportunity to contribute to the recycling process. It is comforting to know that when you sell your vehicle to Junk Car Cash Out, your vehicle is not rotting away in some land fill. It literally is being reduced, reused and recycled through our dismantling process.
Please give us a call at 801-441-2766 or fill out our contact form to the right and lets see what we can do for your bottom line and for the environment. From all of us here at Junk Car Cash Out, thanks for your business!