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Cash for Junk Trucks

If your truck has been wrecked, no longer runs, or is just dented and rusted and not worth repairing anymore, we've got the most convenient possible solution for you. Selling your junk truck can be a very quick and simple little task. We'll buy your junk truck! Even if the vehicle is a newer model, don't worry. We pay more for later model trucks. In fact, the better shape it's in, the more we'll pay you for your truck.

Contact Junk Car Cash Out in Salt Lake City, Utah today with our online contact form or give us a call at (801) 441-2766 for your top-dollar offer.

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How to Get Cash for Junk Trucks Near Salt Lake City, Utah

We make getting cash for junk trucks very convenient. Our professionals will promptly provide you with a quote and the cash you need for your unwanted vehicle. To sell your junk truck, take these 3 simple steps:
  • Get a Price Offer — First, call Junk Car Cash Out at (801) 441-2766 , to schedule an appointment to receive cash for your junk truck. Or, fill out our online form.
  • Schedule Pick Up — We'll schedule a time to pick up your junk truck or other vehicles, scrap metal, etc. We have our own towing service. When we buy your junk vehicle, the towing or hauling is free of charge for you, from wherever it's located in Utah.
  • Get Paid for Your Truck — We'll come to an agreement with you on the amount, hand you the cash, then we'll tow away the vehicle for you, at no charge for towing.

Why Should You Sell Your Junk Truck?

Why should you bother to sell your old truck? If you want to do some home improvements, take your family on vacation, do some holiday shopping, or put the money into another truck, getting the cash from your old truck can help you move forward with your plans.

The Easiest Way to Sell a Junk Truck for Top Dollar in Utah

It can be too time-consuming and inconvenient to advertise a truck for sale, go through multiple appointments with people to look at it, and then end up selling for much less than you wanted for it. At some point, you just want to know who pays cash for junk trucks, without all the hassle.
We process hundreds of junk vehicles each month. Managing our high volume of vehicles allows us to pay top dollar for junk vehicles. When you contact Junk Car Cash Out, you'll be connected immediately to one of our specialists, who will quickly let you know how much your truck is worth and when we can have a tow truck driver remove the junk vehicle for you.

What is Considered a Junk Vehicle?

Junk trucks may have very little or no damage and be drivable, or they may be completely totaled. Whatever the condition, we'll tow away the unwanted vehicle at no charge, and we'll pay you for the value of your vehicle. Whether we're buying used trucks that are simply no longer wanted or demolished cars, our customers are satisfied with selling their vehicles to Junk Car Cash Out.

Environmental Benefits of Vehicle Recycling

Our company's growth will soon provide opportunities for recycling to other areas of the United States. Our dismantling process reduces junk trucks and cars to materials for recycling and reuse. Sell your junk truck to Junk Car Cash Out in Salt Lake City, Utah. It won't end up in a landfill and truck bodies still in good shape and other truck parts that can be reused will be repurposed in the local salvage market.

Why Choose Junk Car Cash Out?

  • We can give you an immediate quote
  • We pay top dollar in cash
  • We pay within the same 24-hour period
  • We tow your vehicle for free
  • We are reliable

Get Fast Cash For Trucks Near Salt Lake City

If your truck finally gave out on you? What are you waiting for to call? We are a full-service junk removal truck and car company near Salt Lake City that give you fast cash for junk or wrecked trucks. It’s quick and hassle-free!

No title? No problem! Call Junk Car Cash Out For a Free Quote on Your Junk Trucks in Salt Lake City and the Surrounding Areas!

To find out where to get cash for junk trucks in Utah, search "sell junk truck for cash" or "Utah cash for junk trucks." Or, just call Junk Car Cash Out at (801) 441-2766 . You can also submit our instant quote form and we'll quickly help you get rid of your unwanted junk truck!