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Flood damage to your car -- in a desert state? That may sound absurd to most people, at least going by all the Utah residents who don’t have flood provisions on their car insurance. Yet Mother Nature has a habit of laughing at our expectations.

All too many Utah car owners have found out the hard way that melting snow from higher elevations, as well as fierce rainstorms and other natural disaster, can indeed result in a flooded car. And the kind of water damage that floods inflict on cars are often so extensive that most vehicle owners can’t afford to repair them without flood insurance.

But a junk car doesn’t have to mean a worthless car. At JunkCarCashout.com, no vehicle is ever actually worthless, even when a flood has rendered it beyond repair. You can get cash for your flood-damaged car, without having to go to the trouble and expense of listing it in the classifieds and waiting a long time to get cash in hand. And that’s important, especially when flooding has left you without transportation and you need to replace that now ”junked” car as soon as possible.

Flood Damage Is More Common Than You Think

Flooded cars in “no-flood” regions are more common than many people realize. You don’t have to live in a classic floodplain region in order to be at risk from melting snow packs, freak storms, malfunctioning sprinkler systems in garages, and infrastructure problem such as a water main break. Some other things to consider include:

•   A staggering 90 percent of natural disasters produce some type of flooding.
•   Just two feet of moving water can not only damage a car, but actually carry it away.
•   More than one-fifth of people who file flood insurance claims don’t actually live in a      high-flood area.
•   Significant flood events have happened in every U.S. state, including Utah, since 2010.
•   Construction near where you live or work can lead to land erosion, which in turn            increases the risk of flooded cars.

If I Do Have Flood Insurance, Will The Car Be Totaled?

Car owners often dread the news that their accident-damaged or weather-damaged vehicles will be “totaled,” meaning that repairs will be more expensive than the insurance company is willing to pay. In these cases, insurance companies pay a lump sum, minus any deductibles, which is not always enough to purchase a new vehicle without taking on more car payments.

Statistically speaking, cars often sustain enough damage to be totaled if the flood waters are high enough to reach at least your car’s floorboards. That’s because this level of water is often enough to cause the most serious problems on everything from car upholstery, to engines, and to complex electronic systems.

What You Can Do With A Flood-Damaged Car

All too often, uninsured and underinsured vehicle owners find themselves with seemingly worthless cars after a flood. Utah residents, however, shouldn’t despair.  JunkCarCashout.com will buy your car regardless of its condition -- not just flooded and beyond-repair vehicles, but any cars, whether they are repairable or non-running. Of course, newer and better shape models tend to net more, but you’ll likely be surprised by how much you can get for an old, accident-damaged or flood-ravaged junk car.

Call us today for a quote, and you could have cash in hand within 24 hours. Our specialists talk you through such details as the make, model and age of your car, as well as the extent of the flood damage (or other issues). They’ll also handle any other concerns or questions that you have.

Our courteous, professional tow drivers take care of the removal for you, and you’ll be paid in cash for your flood-damaged, junk car. Contact us here or give us a call at 801-441-2766 to learn more.

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