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I had spoken with five different junk yards in Utah and three out of the five said they had the fuel pump I needed for my 1981 Toyota SR5 pickup truck. I showed up at two of them only to find that I had to go through their entire lot to see if they even had a Toyota SR5 in stock which they didn’t. The next junk yard I went to guaranteed me “100 %” that they had the part I was looking for and guess what, they didn’t. After that I threw up my hands and bought a bran-new fuel pump for my truck. After installing it I found out that wasn’t the problem. I had just spent two days of my time and $50 on a part I didn’t need. So I called Junkcarcashout.com and they had cash in my hand within two hours……I wish I would have called them first.”

Cameron M. Salt Lake City UT

It was ten o’clock at night when I ran out of gas in my Dodge caliber all the way up in Butterfield Canyon. Luckily I had cell phone reception and I was able to reach dispatch at junkcarcashout.com. Being that I was so far away from Salt Lake City, I thought they would never make up there to pick me up. Lucky for me, I was wrong. A super friendly tow truck driver showed up faster than I expected and got me out of the canyon and back home. Thanks junkcarcashout.com for taking care of me!”

Josh G. Tooele, UT

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