Most of us must have seen junk cars on people’s properties deteriorating and congesting their otherwise nice and spacious residence. This is a sight to behold since the owners of these junk cars can contact junk car buyers in SLC, Utah and get rid of their junk cars in a day while making some good money. And what is even more interesting is the fact that it could cost them absolutely nothing.

Statistics indicate that there is an increasing number of junk cars in the United States and that is why the auto recycling industry has been on the rise over the past few years. If you are hoping that scrapping your old car in Salt Lake City, Utah will help you make some extra cash, you are not alone and know that it is possible. Here are some of the fun facts and figures about car junking and recycling.

The Auto Recycling Industry Is Among the Largest Industries in the US

  • The car recycling industry is ranked the 16th largest industry in the United States. This shows how big the junk car industry is.
  • The sector contributes at least $25 billion per year to the national GDP.
  • The United States auto recycling industry employs approximately 100,000 people, and the industry spends at least $25 billion annually to pay these people
  • There are slightly over 7,000 car recycling facilities in the country.

The Automobile Recycling Industry Is Old

If you ever thought that auto recycling started a few years ago, you are wrong. The average age of the entire sector that focuses primarily on recycling cars has reached the 75-year-old mark. This means that the first car was recycled around 1943. Quite fascinating, isn't it?

Cars Are the Most Recycled Item in the United States

Can you guess the average number of vehicles that are recycled in the US every year? Well, statistics indicate that at least 12 million cars are recycled every year, and the number keeps rising. This number makes vehicles the most recycled item in the US. Also, at least 27 million cars that reach the end of their useful life every year are recovered from various parts of the world and recycled.

Auto Recycling Saves At least 85 Million Barrels of Oil Every Year

Oil is used to manufacture auto new auto parts and also replacement parts. However, car recycling has helped to ease the demand for oil since it saves approximately 85 million barrels of oil every year that could have been used to make new car parts as well as replacement parts.

Only 80% of a Vehicle Can Be Recycled

Not every part of a car can be recycled. Only 80% of the vehicle (by weight) can be recycled while the remaining 20% that can't be salvaged is usually referred to as "auto shredder residue (ASR)." The non-recyclable parts include the ferrous and nonferrous metal pieces, paper, fabric, plastic, wood, rubber, and glass. The ASR is usually disposed in landfills. However, in Europe, only 75% of a vehicle can be recycled making the other ASR items account for approximately 25% of the total weight.

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