4 Reasons to Choose a Junk Car Buyer Instead of Selling Your Car Online

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It had a good run, but the day has come. Your old car has served you well, but you’re ready for a new vehicle. It’s time to sell.

The internet is vast and features dozens of websites to list your car. But car sales can be complicated. Many sellers are surprised at how much time it takes to sell an old car compared to how little you wind up getting.

Junk Car Cash Out simplifies  the process. Here’s why junking your car might make more sense than selling online:

1. Get Cash Today

Posting your car online takes time – lots of time. Unless you’re driving an in-demand vehicle in amazing condition, you’re looking at spending at least a few weeks searching for a buyer before making the sale.

Calling a junk car buyer means you get cash for your car today. A quick call to Junk Car Cash Out and they’ll be on the road to come get your car immediately – they’ll even  tow it for free. Any car, any condition--junk it today and move on with your life.

2. Get a Great Price

Junk car buyers at Junk Car Cash Out pay well for cars in any condition. They care more about the parts and the metal in your car than whether or not it is in perfect shape (or even if it runs).

It is possible to get a slightly better price by selling online. But at some point, you are just trying to squeeze blood from a stone. Factor in posting fees and buyer haggling, and you’ll find that junking it would have fetched you almost the same amount.

3. Time is Money

Selling online is a time-consuming process. Buyers can have unrealistic expectations: they want clean cars in good working order for a rock bottom price. That means you’ll need to spend time:

   •   Cleaning the vehicle, inside and out

   •   Taking appealing pictures on a sunny day from multiple angles

   •   Writing a compelling description

   •   Creating accounts and posting the pictures and description around the internet

   •   Communicating with potential buyers by text, phone, and email

   •   Scheduling meet ups, test drives, and inspections by their mechanic

   •   Haggling over the price

   •   Waiting on their loan to get approved

   •   Finally – making the sale

Car sellers who track the time it takes to go through this process may find that they are spending dozens of hours selling their car. Are a few extra bucks really worth the trouble? If your time is valuable, it makes more sense to sell to a junk the car company like Junk Car Cash Out.

4. Skip the Scammers

Craigslist, KSL, and similar sites are infamous for attracting scammers. If you use these sites, you need to protect yourself. That means always meeting with potential buyers in public spaces, only taking cash, and finding a friend to come to meetups.

Junk car sites are legitimate operations, often with a long history in the community like Junk Car Cash Out in Utah. You can trust them to handle the sale in a professional and up-front manner. Unlike private buyers, you can check reviews online so you know exactly who you’re dealing with.

Get Cash for Your Car Today with Junk Car Cash Out in Utah

Selling a car online takes time, and you might not get much for it anyway. With Junk Car Cash Out, your car will be gone and you’ll have cash in your pocket – today! Contact Junk Car Cash Out for a free quote, a free tow, and an excellent price!

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