junk car removal in Utah.jpg   Do you have a junk car you want removed? At Junk Car Cashout, we remove your junk car the same day you call! We remove junk cars for free, the same day, and give you cash on the spot! Call us today and we will be there right away, hauling off that old eyesore, and paying you cash!  

Save Yourself Time, Money, and Stress! We Do All the Work for You!

You won't have to worry about selling your car or truck. You won't even have to find a tow truck or pay someone to pick it up. We do it all for you—as soon as you call, your worries are over!   Broken down vehicles are not easy to move at all. They are heavy, heavy, heavy! Oftentimes there is no air in the tires after sitting too long and they’re nearly impossible to PUSH onto a car dolly with flat tires. Calling a tow truck is an option but they are expensive!   Why not get paid CASH instead of getting OVERCHARGED or OVERWORKED!?  

We Remove ANY and ALL Junk Cars

It doesn't matter how old or new, or what condition the car is in; we pick it up! Even if your car has been wrecked or doesn't run anymore, we are your solution!   A junk car is ANY car you want gone. Your car does not need to be 20 years old to be removed and cashed out. We pick up cars year 2000 or newer, and we pay extra for them! If your car is in better shape, we may even pay MORE MONEY for it! It’s simple. We remove ANY junk car!  

Junk Car Removal Process

  • Get an offer on your junk car!
  • Call us at 801-441-2766 or fill out the “Get a Quote” form above!
  • We pay you CASH on the spot and remove your junk car for you!
We will show up at your convenience to pick up your junk cars or scrap metal from any location in Utah for free.   Junk Car Cash Out is the leading full-service cash for cars, cash for scrap metal, and Salt Lake City towing company in Utah.   When we take care of your unwanted car, truck, van, boat, snowmobile or other vehicle for FREE, we also pay you to cash immediately, regardless of your vehicle’s age or condition. NO TITLE REQUIRED!  

Contact the # 1 Junk Car Removal Company in Utah Today!

Do you have a junk car that you need to be removed from your property?   Junk Car Cash Out in Utah can help! WE REMOVE JUNK CARS.   Just call or fill out our contact form online, and we will show up and handle all the difficult junk car removal for you.  
  • Call 801-441-2766 OR fill out the “Get a Quote” Form
  • We work on YOUR schedule
  • Towing is always FREE
  • We pay you CASH
  • It’s effortless to recycle that JUNK! A GREENER environment, and a clutter-free yard!
Get in touch with us right away, and see how much cold hard CASH your old car or truck can bring without you even lifting a finger! Let us take care of that junk car removal, and all you have to do is decide where you will spend all that MONEY!   Junk car removal in Salt Lake City has never been easier thanks to Junk Car Cash Out!   Download PDF