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Old Van - Cash for Junk Vans in Utah

Cash for Junk Vans in Salt Lake City, Utah

There are many reasons why people decide to sell their old, used vans for cash. Whether you have an old minivan or a rusty full-sized van, now is the time to get paid cash for junk vans. The challenge many people face is knowing when it's the best time to junk a van. You can save yourself the costs of insuring an inoperable vehicle and clear up some valuable space in your garage or driveway while doing so.

Contact Junk Car Cash Out in Salt Lake City, Utah today by either filling out our online form or by calling us at 801-441-2766 for your top-dollar offer.

Why You Should Get Cash For Junk Vans in Utah

1. Save on liability insurance

Even if a vehicle is not being driven, in most states you still must have liability insurance on the auto. Therefore, a broken down van that is in storage or sitting in your driveway should have the minimum legal insurance for a registered vehicle. Most often, you will be paying a reduced insurance fee for storage of your van, but when you add up the cost over years of storage, it can run into hundreds of dollars. Instead of spending money for a non-driveable van, get cash for any junk vans - whether the vehicle is working or not.

2. Eliminate an eyesore

You and your neighbors will appreciate your property more after an unused van has been removed. Additionally, a van that is sitting for months on your property can leave rust stains along with hard to remove oil and gasoline leaks onto concrete or asphalt surfaces. This unsightliness can reduce the value of your property or cause you to pay substantial costs to your landlord for damages when you move.

3. Save on costly repairs

There are many repairs to a van that can cost thousands of dollars. And once you have an older van that starts to break down, it is generally a sign of future repairs. Most auto experts agree that once a car or van has passed 150,000 miles, it may start to cost more to maintain it than it costs to replace it. A rusted undercarriage, a damaged engine, and problems with the suspension system are typical repairs that signal it's time to get cash for junk vans.

Choosing the Right Salvage Yard in Utah

Don't make the mistake of getting too little cash for your van that is no longer running. You may have a choice between different junkyards that are willing to pay cash for your van, but here are the main issues when you choose the wrong service provider.
  • Pays more for newer vans - Some junkyards have a set price they offer for salvage vehicles. But, if your junk van is a more recent year or is in better condition, you should expect to get paid more.
  • Location near you - You always want to choose a junkyard that is within your community. Often, salvage yards that are at a distance will recoup the cost of travel by reducing the amount they offer for your junk van.
  • Will accept any condition van - Choose a van junkyard that will take your van no matter how damaged or how wrecked it is. Believe it or not, some salvage yards won't take an auto or van unless they believe it has over 50% of re-saleable parts.
  • Offers same-day cash payments - If you are offered payment at a later time or a check for your junk van, you may want to consider another junkyard that offers cash payments on the same day of pickup.

Ready to Sell a Junk Van in Salt Lake City Today?

If you live in Salt Lake City, Utah we not only provide free towing and speedy payments for junk vans, but we also pay top dollar for other scrap metal you want to get rid of. Our goal is to make it easy and simple for you, by towing away your junk van and paying you top dollar, on the spot.