Okay, so that clunker car has been adorning your driveway for too long and you’re anxious to get rid of it. With the condition the car is in, you can’t just list it for sale and expect many offers. Really, the only option is to sell it for parts. If you have the title for the car, it’s as simple as towing it to a scrapyard, or arranging for a company that specializes in junk car removal to come take it away. You can even make a little money this way, depending on the condition of the car parts and the amount of metal that can be salvaged. However, if you don’t have the title for the car, it gets more complicated. Without proof of ownership, scrapyards and towing companies will be hesitant to do business with you. Here are some ways to get money out of your junk car even if you don’t have the current title for the car.

1. Sell Valuable Parts

Utah Junk CarsIf you’re handy and know something about car mechanics, take inventory of any parts that might be valuable and get ready to get greasy. A little research online will tell you how much people are paying for specific parts on different auction sites. Pick the ones you feel are worth your time and effort, get them out of the car, clean them up a little, and post them for sale. Make sure to include all pertinent details in your listing including condition and year the part was installed. Don’t forget to figure out how much it will cost to ship. Some of those parts can get heavy and you don’t want to get stuck paying for shipping costs.

2. Sell Tires

If your tires are in decent shape, go ahead and try listing them for sale on a local classified site. There are many people looking to buy used tires, as long as they are still usable. Take a minute to wash the tires off before you take photos for your listing. This will make them look a lot better and much more appealing to potential buyers.

3. Get a Title

Salt Lake City Junk CarsHop online and check out your options with your local Department of Motor Vehicles. You might be able to get a salvage title for relatively little cost and hassle. This will allow you to easily sell the car to a scrap yard or to a salvage company. Some of these companies will come tow the car away and pay you for the car, so it might be worth it to go ahead and get a title. Check the requirements for a salvage title and see if you qualify. It might save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

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