How to Scrap an Abandoned Vehicle in Utah

How to Scrap an Abandoned Vehicle in Utah

Can I Scrap an Abandoned Car in Utah?

Scrapping an abandoned car in Utah doesn't have to be difficult, but it does have to be done correctly. Maybe the field in front of your house has an old, abandoned car in it, or you can't park where you want because a vehicle with flat tires that hasn't moved in months is there, just taking up space. Nobody seems to know who the car belongs to, but you know you want to get rid of it. What do you do?

You don't own the car, you don't have the title, and you don't own the property it's sitting on. Most junkyards won't take cars without titles. Are you just stuck? No! Fortunately, there are ways to go about scrapping an abandoned vehicle that are perfectly legal. It's a process, though, and does require that you get legal permission to have the vehicle towed away. Until the tow truck driver has filed a proper report, no fees for towing or storing the vehicle can be collected. That report must be filed with the local police authority, and with the Motor Vehicle Division.

Utah Abandoned Vehicle Laws

According to the Utah abandoned vehicle laws, there are penalties for removing an abandoned vehicle without permission. To remove an unattended vehicle, there must be prior authorization of:

  • • a police officer
  • • a law enforcement agency
  • • a highway authority with jurisdiction on that particular highway
  • • the owner of the property on which the vehicle is located

Additionally, there are requirements as to who can have the vehicle removed and how long that vehicle must be on the premises before any action can be taken. If it's on the highways or waterways, it can be removed after 48 hours, but it must be on public or private property without consent for at least seven days before removal proceedings can begin. While it is not legal to abandon a vehicle in that manner, many people still do so. As long as the laws of Utah are followed as they relate to abandoned vehicles, removal of the offending vehicle is possible without fear of fees, penalties, or legal action.

Report It to the Police

A police officer, even without a warrant, can take possession of a vehicle that has been abandoned on public land, highways, or waterways throughout the state. That officer can also seize the vehicle if the title fees or the registration are not properly paid when it comes to a vessel or outboard motor.

Using Junk Car Cash Out to Remove an Abandoned Vehicle in Utah

Vehicles that are not public lands, highways, or waterways can be claimed by Junk Car Cash Out. To do this, the vehicle must be located on private property in the state of Utah, and the owner must not come forward to try to claim that vehicle. To claim the vehicle and title it as your own, you'll need to contact the local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction in that area, and tell them where the vehicle is located. You also have to fill out an Abandoned Vehicle Form.

Law enforcement will investigate the vehicle, and if they can't locate the owner you'll be contacted so you can title the vehicle as your own. Then you can have it removed. Once you have it removed from your property, be sure to file the appropriate form with the Motor Vehicle Department.

By contacting Junk Car Cashout, you can get rid of an abandoned vehicle. Just make sure to tell us it's abandoned when you call, since it requires special steps to get legal permission to tow the vehicle away.

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