Forget Junk Yards in Utah for Restoring a Vehicle, Instead Get Cash for Your Car!

We pay CASH for your car or truck in Utah! It is possible that there is a little more life left in your vehicle if you search through ten junk yards in Utah to find the right part you need. But why go through all that hassle? Give us a call and we can give you an instant offer on your broken down vehicle.

It’s possible that you might find the part you are looking for, but what if that is not the problem? It can be very discouraging and disheartening to spend a couple days trying to fix your car or truck only to find that there is another problem that you hadn’t discovered. That means that you are going to have to search through MORE junk yards in Utah before finding another part that may not be the answer to your problem either. And what if THAT part doesn’t work? Then you’re going to have to bring your part back to the junk yard, get your money back, and still have to search for that illusive part. Do yourself a favor and save yourself some time and money; let us pay you CASH for your junk car.

Here at junkcarcashout.com, we understand that junk yards in Utah play a very important part in the recycling process. Whether your vehicle is worth fixing or not is going to be up to you. If you find that it is too much hassle to fix your broken down car or truck, don’t despair. Give us a call and one of our friendly phone representatives can give you a fast offer over the phone on how much your vehicle is worth. If we can make a deal, we will dispatch our friendly tow truck driver, pick up your unwanted vehicle for free, and give you CASH in hand for you junk car. Listen to what happened to one of our customers just two weeks ago….

I had spoken with five different junk yards in Utah and three out of the five said they had the fuel pump I needed for my 1981 Toyota SR5 pickup truck. I showed up at two of them only to find that I had to go through their entire lot to see if they even had a Toyota SR5 in stock which they didn’t. The next junk yard I went to guaranteed me “100 %” that they had the part I was looking for and guess what, they didn’t. After that I threw up my hands and bought a bran-new fuel pump for my truck. After installing it I found out that wasn’t the problem. I had just spent two days of my time and $50 on a part I didn’t need. So I called Junkcarcashout.com and they had cash in my hand within two hours……I wish I would have called them first.”

Cameron M. Salt Lake City UT

Save yourself some frustration. Call us first and let’s see what we can give you for your junk car. Thank you for your business and we look forward to speaking with you!

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