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Do you want to get rid of an old eyesore clunker on your property but don’t want to deal with the inconvenience? Maybe the title is long lost and facing the ordeal of the legal process to recover; it seems like too much to go through just to sell an old car. But, how long do you have to look at it just sitting out there? Unless it appears that the car is going to rust away to nothing soon, you’re probably going to be stuck with it junking up your beautiful property for many years to come. Or, you can take the easiest option to get rid of it in one day! We buy junk cars in Garland, Texas. We will pay you top dollar for your vehicle and tow it away at no charge to you. We pay cash for junk trucks, cars, SUVs, vans, trailers, motorcycles, motor-homes, and more. We even pay cash for junk boats. To get a quick cash quote for your car, just take a minute to complete the quote request form on the Junk Car Cash Out website. Or call us at Junk Car Cash Out at (801-441-2766) for a cash quote on the phone. If you live in the Garland, TX area, we’ll schedule a time with you to tow away your junk vehicle free of charge, and we’ll pay you top dollar for it when we pick it up!

How it Works

Get Your Cash from Junk Car Cash Out in Just 4 Easy Steps

If you’re ready to get rid of a broken-down truck or van or sell old cars in Garland, Texas, here’s the fastest and easiest way to sell cars or trucks that you no longer want. Just follow these four easy steps:

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Tell Us About Your Ride

Provide the year, make, and model of your vehicle,
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We buy all makes and models!

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Get an Offer!

Call or complete the form for a no-obligation estimate on how much your car is worth.

We'll make you an offer right away!

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Get it Removed for FREE!

Once you accept an offer, we schedule a convenient pick-up time.

We’ll tow away your unwanted car, truck, van or other vehicles for free.


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Get Paid CA$H on the Spot!

Once the vehicle is loaded up, we hand you cold hard cash, and away we go!

We pay top dollar on junk cars!

Paid in Cash - Sell Your Junk or Damaged Vehicle

We Can Buy Your Car in Texas With No Title

Many people lose track of the title for their old broken-down vehicle. They don’t care about the title anymore since they know they’ll never drive it again or get it licensed. Some people never had a title to old junk trucks, tractors, etc., that were already rotting on their land long before moving onto it. Fortunately, in the state of Texas, you can sell a car without a title and have it towed from your property. We will first confirm the VIN through the Texas DMV to verify that there are no current liens on the vehicle. As long as there are no liens on the title, Junk Car Cash Out will buy your car at a price adjusted to compensate for the additional administrative legwork. We might impound if the DMV search finds a lienholder or shows the vehicle registered in another state. But, as long as the title is clear, you can sell an old car to Junk Car Cash Out, and we will send our tow truck driver to pick up your unwanted automobile and pay you cash.

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We pay cash for junk cars and trucks, newer vehicles, and many other types of motorized transportation in the Garland, Texas, area. Call for a quick estimate of your car’s value from a vehicle buying expert at Junk Car Cash Out. If you want to sell an old truck, car, SUV, van, boat, RV, snowmobile, or other kinds of motorized vehicle in any condition, we’ll make it easy for you. Call Junk Car Cash Out today at (801-441-2766) for a price quote. We’ll pay you top dollar for your car and remove it from your property free of charge.