Congratulations! Let’s get that vehicle picked up and get you paid!

What Happens Next!

You’ll receive a few more emails or texts walking you through the entire process. But here’s an overview of what to expect.

We’ll need to get a copy of your vehicle title before we dispatch the tow truck. Please take a photo of the front and back, and you can reply to our next email about the title and attach those photos to the email.
Once we get the photos we’ll verify the title and send your vehicle information to dispatch.
If you haven’t signed your title yet, please do NOT sign it until the tow truck driver arrives. It’s easy to sign in the wrong place, and that results in a lot of paperwork.
If you can’t find your title we’ll send you some options of what to do next.
You will get a call from the dispatch or tow truck driver and they will schedule a time to come pick up the car.
The tow drivers need to speak with you before they come to your address so please be on the lookout for a call.
They won’t come until they’ve made a pickup time with you.
When the driver comes at the allotted time, he’ll double-check the VIN matches the title, and the damage report was accurate, and then he’ll show you where to sign.
Then he’ll give you the agreed-upon payment for the vehicle and tow the car away.
That easy! See you soon!