With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of ways to afford gifts for your family and friends. If you are already strapped for cash, additional holiday expenses can seem overwhelming. But if you start now, you can earn what you'll need to make this holiday season extra special for the loved ones in your life. Here are the top 5 ways to make extra money for the holidays:

 1. Burn the Midnight Oil

One of the most efficient ways to earn a little extra for the holiday season is to take advantage of overtime. Many companies offer end of the year overtime to meet deadlines and catch up on overdoing projects.Putting in a few extra hours now, especially with overtime pay, is a great way to put some extra cash away for the holidays.

 The busy holiday season opens up additional opportunities to earn some extra money. Retail stores begin hiring seasonal workers ahead of the holiday season to ensure they are well staffed for Black Friday and the rest of the season as shoppers prepare for Christmas.Indeed is an online job site that offers job seekers free access to job searches, research companies and post your resume to help you connect to new opportunities. 

2. Offer a Helping Hand for the Holidays 

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is a challenge for most. Running errands - for a few extra bucks - for those who are busy and overwhelmed, is a great seasonal service to offer. From gift shopping or grocery shopping to picking up the holiday trimming or helping with a holiday party, your extra time can be put to good use for extra holiday money. Offer to run around for more than one client and you can save time and gas money by combining errands.

Host a 'parent's night out' by offering to babysit for parents who need to go Christmas shopping or attend a holiday party. Coordinating a weekend marathon, for several families, of watching kids near the holidays is a great way to earn some additional dough for holiday spending. Depending on the number of kids, you may have to enlist a few helping hands. Teaming up with someone else trying to earn extra money is a great way to combine resources and contacts.

3. Offer Your Skills

With the harsh conditions of our infamous Utah winter, you couldoffer your skills to help homeowners winterize their homes and provide snow removal. Anyone hosting an event for the holidays would gladly pay for help preparing for the gathering, having their home professionally cleaned or organized would make all the difference for a frazzled hostess. This time of years is the perfect opportunity to put your skills to work for extra money.

  • Winterize Services are in high demand as the temperature drops in Utah. Homeowners must prepare for the upcoming winter with covering the cooler, raking leaves, cleaning the gutter and installing weather stripping. If you have the knowledge, put it to good use and earn a little on the side for gifts for your friends and family.
  • Snow Removal if you have a snow blower or plow, you could really earn extra by offering your services to clear sidewalks, driveways and pathways.
  • Hostess Help for an extra set of hands and a second opinion for those planning a special holiday party. If you are a great party planner, put your knowledge to good use.
  • Cleaning Services are in demand during the holiday season because people like to have a clean home for their guests. If you have great cleaning skills, you can get top dollar your expertise.
  • Pre-Holiday Organization may be something people don't actually think about until they are expecting a house full of people for the holidays. Offer services for a pre-holiday or New Year's resolution organization to help get rid of unwanted and unused things for a fresh new start.

Market your services through social media or with printed flyers.Beyond word of mouth, a side business venture should be marketed with easy and free resources to save on your bottom line. Social media is a great place to connect with others in your community, look for local pages to offer your services. If you choose to print flyers, you could pass them out in your neighborhood or ask to leave them at a community center, local small business or convenience store with local regular shoppers.

4. Online Garage Sale

Online pages for those looking for a deal like Craigslist, local vendor pages on Facebook, KSL classifieds and eBay are all great places to post your gently-used or vintage stuff. Imagine cleaning out a closet, getting rid of clutter and making some cash.Post your items locally first to see if they will sell. If you don't get any buyers, try your hand at a far-reaching site like eBay, but keep in mind you'll need to consider shipping and payment methods if you aren't doing a face-to-face transaction.

5. Junk Your Old Car for Quick Cash 

Junk Car Cash Out in Salt Lake City, Utah offers top dollar for your junk car, truck or scrap metal. If you have an old clunker lying around, why not turn it into cash for the upcoming holiday season? Junk car salvage is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

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Even if you don't think your car could be a candidate for our junk car-buying programyou may be surprised by how much extra holiday cash your unwanted car or truck is worth. The salvage experts at Junk Car Cash Out will work quickly to give you a payout estimate and schedule a tow truck for free vehicle removal anywhere in Utah, just in time for your holiday celebration.

Make Bank this Holiday Season by Junking Your Old Car in Utah

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