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If you’re thinking about scrapping metal, let help you learn how to do it the profitable way. Scrapping is a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side. Read on to learn how you can get started scrapping metal today.

Why is Everyone Scrapping?

Scrap metal – even those with low prices per pound – is shockingly valuable. It’s easy to spend a few hours on a Saturday sorting scrap. You will be earning money that you can put towards a vacation, bills or anything else you need. Scrapping is becoming popular because the demand for scrap metals is at an all-time high. Manufacturers, electric companies, telecommunication services – every industry needs metal, and one of the easiest, most environmentally friendly ways to get it is through scrapping.


Few metals are so valuable to a scrapper as copper. Nickel, cobalt, tungsten – those can all get you a higher scrap value, but they aren’t particularly common. On the other hand, copper can be found everywhere. Electrical wiring is almost exclusively copper, and copper is commonly used in plumbing. You can also sometimes find copper pots and pans, although these are becoming more rare as time goes on.


The next most valuable scrap metal is brass. While it isn’t as abundant as copper, you can find brass in a variety of places. Doorknobs and plumbing valves are common sources of brass. It’s also widely used in decorating. You may have old brass wall-hangings, candlesticks and other items tucked away in the attic. Light fixtures are often made with decorative brass elements. If you take those light fixtures apart, there are often brass fittings inside.


Aluminum is a valuable metal that comes in a wide variety of forms. Pop cans and beer cans are one of the most common sources of aluminum. You will also find aluminum instead of copper in some wiring. Car rims, siding, computer parts, air conditioner parts and cast aluminum pots and pans are a few more sources of aluminum.

Stainless Steel

Many scrappers overlook stainless steel. While it isn’t the most valuable scrap metal, the sheer abundance of stainless steel makes it worth your time to sell it separately from mixed metal loads. Stainless steel is common in kitchens. Most pots and pans are stainless steel, as are most silverware sets and metal utensils. However the biggest source of kitchen stainless is appliances. Refrigerators, freezers, stoves and more are quite often made with stainless steel paneling. Hub caps, car trim and beer kegs are more good sources of stainless steel.

Mixed Metals, Cars and More

For mixed metal or lesser valuable metals like iron or tin, keep in mind that a smaller price per pound is still worth your while. Even though iron may only bring a fraction of the price of copper or aluminum, it is easy to get in large quantities. Your paycheck will add up quickly. Junk cars are another great source of money, and places like are paying premium prices.

How to Get Your Money’s Worth

If you’re looking for a little extra cash, the first place to start is at Call us for a list of current scrap prices. If you have junk cars that need to be removed, we can give you a quote and even haul them away for you. Check your attic, basement, garage and other storage areas for bits of scrap that you can sell. You can even set up your own recycling bins to sort out aluminum cans and other household scrap.

As you’re scrapping, keep your metals sorted between “clean” and “dirty.” Clean metals are pure, unpainted, and not mixed with plastic or other metal types. These will bring you the highest price. Dirty metal is metal that is painted or otherwise impure. Copper wire with insulation is often considered to be “dirty copper.” Aluminum cans with their paint and labels are also often classified as dirty. Once you start scrapping, you’ll find it’s an addictive way to make a little extra money – you’ll always be on the lookout for new ways to earn!

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