We all know how it goes: you’re given a car handed down to you either by a family member or a friend, or you buy a cheap car in a hurry. Now it has barely any tread on the tires, the seats have holes, it needs serious bodywork and to top it all off you can’t even drive it home. You had it towed and dropped off because “It’s a fixer upper”.

The Fixing Process

Or you have the same vehicle you’ve had since High School. Why would you give it up? It reminds you of the best days of our life, hanging out with friends and having fun. Sure, it’s broken down now and you’ve bought a new car but as soon as you have time, you’re totally going to fix it. Your wife starts putting that bug in your ear saying maybe you should get rid of it. Sure, it’s been 5 years, but you’re total going to fix that car.


Eventually, you come to the realization that the car is nothing more than a burden at this point. You’re probably never going to fix it and is it even worth it if you do? So, you have a few options: you can scrap it, sell it, or junk it. This can also present it’s own challenges. If you don’t own a truck, it’s going to be very hard to do any of these things on your own.

The Best Option

Of course, there is another option: you can sell it for cash and have it towed away immediately. What better gift for your wife this Valentine’s Day? Not only are you getting rid of the eyesore that she’s been incredibly patient about but you also get cash that you can use on her for Valentine’s Day. Two gifts for the price of one, and you may even walk away with a little money for yourself out of the deal too.

This Valentine’s Day, do yourself a favor and call Junk Car Cash Out to get rid of your old, rundown car. There is a saying that goes “Happy wife, happy life” so make your life a lot happier by junking your old car and using the money to give your wife the Valentine’s Day she’s always wanted.

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