As with most decisions in modern life, you have the choice to either do something yourself or pay someone to do the thing for you. The ultimate question always is … What is your time worth? If your time is worth very little to you, then you are likely to “do it yourself”. If you feel your time is more valuable than the task laid before you, then you will likely pay someone to do the task for you.

While this line of thinking may seem a little philosophical, its logic holds true, when you are considering your options for getting rid of an old, unusable automobile. If you have a car that is inoperable, and you need to get rid of it, you are faced with the decision of either taking matters into your own hands and disposing of the vehicle, or you can pay someone to remove the vehicle for you. Unlike most other decisions in modern life, junking your car offers the ultimate third option … having someone pay you, while they do the work.

Doing It Yourself

If you are trying to remove an unwanted vehicle from your life, you can certainly do it yourself. You could pay to have the vehicle towed to a salvage yard. You could tow the vehicle to the salvage yard yourself. You could disassemble the vehicle and sell off the used, operable parts. Taking a car apart and selling off the parts one at a time, does cost you a lot of time for a relatively small financial gain. For some people the idea of “doing it yourself” is very appealing, and the time and money spent (they would feel) would be well worth it.

Paying Someone to Remove the Vehicle

You could also decide you just want to get rid of the vehicle and pay someone to tow the vehicle away. This option will cost you some time as you arrange for the car’s towing. You would also need to make time to be present, when the tow truck showed up to your house, so you could make sure the tower has everything he/she needs. You would also need to be present to remit payment to the tow truck operator for the towing service. You might also have to pay the salvage yard to take/store/destroy your vehicle.

Junking Your Car Saves Time and Money

Only someone, who was not aware of the “junking your car” option, would pay to have their vehicle towed away. Why would you ever pay to have a car towed away, when you knew of the option that someone would pay you to allow them to tow your car away? Junking your car saves time, because the people coming to take your vehicle actually want your vehicle, so they will be motivated to come and get it at the earliest available time. Junking your vehicle not only saves you money, but it makes you money.

Junking your vehicle and making money for doing it almost sounds too good to be true. Do not be fooled. It is a real thing. Take advantage of the option of junking your vehicle and make a little money along the way. Do not live with the regret of spending extra time and money and trying to dispose of your vehicle on your own.

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