When people think of the phrase "junk my car", what usually comes to mind is an old smelly and dirty junk yard.  The words "smelly" and "dirty" probably resonate the most with the term junk my car.  But in reality, this could not be further from the truth.  When I junk my car, I am truly participating in one of the greenest activities in today's society; reuse, reduce and recycle.  Collectively, we are all eliminating waste and protecting our environment when we turn in our old "jalopies" so someone else can put older, useful parts to good use in a vehicle that still runs fine, but just needs that extra part.  Here is a quick rundown of the car recycling industry…

You finally realize that your beloved automobile is going to cost way more than it is worth to fix it.  You say to yourself, “I need to junk my car".  Luckily for you, you ran into junkcarcashout.com on the internet and found out that you can get CASH for your old unwanted broken down family heirloom.  You make the phone call to us or one of our affiliates and shortly thereafter, a polite tow truck driver shows up and picks up your car. The best part about this is that he leaves you with a bunch of CASH in hand.
The nice tow truck driver takes your beloved car over to the local junk yard where it is placed on blocks for its final viewing.  Here, your next door neighbor Bob runs into your ex car and finds out that he needs that same alternator for his car.  Suzan across town happens upon your vehicle and realizes your old radiator is the fix to her over-heating problem; so on and so forth until your beautiful ex sedan is nothing more than a skeleton of its former self.  And just think of all the car parts that do not need to be manufactured, all the old metal that is not rusting on the ground or in a field and seeping into our drinking water just because you said I need to junk my car.  Your old junker is responsible for helping to keep many people on the road, able to get back and forth to work.  Nevertheless, something has to be done with the remainder of your vehicle.

Queue the front end loader.  For those of you who do not know what a front end loader is, it is basically a giant forklift that can lift a car off the ground and throw it onto a semi-truck; and that is exactly where your junker ends up.  This semi-truck heads down the road (with your junk car and about fifteen others on board) to your local metal shredding facility.  Here it is hoisted up into a shredder and all the remaining metal is ground into fine pieces of metallic spaghetti.  

 From here, the fine pieces of metal that were once your car are shipped to metal manufacturing plants all across the United States (like American Steel) and some even further, like China.  What’s left of your car is melted down and once again formed into useful pieces of steel like I beams for sky scrapers and sheet metal used to fabricate.  And that’s it in a nutshell! By jumping on the junk my car program, you have decided to not only make your lawn look better, but to help reduce, reuse and recycle.

Don’t you feel better now when you think about the phrase junk my car?  Look how much good you can do for so many people and for your countries infrastructure (or maybe China's).  So go ahead.  Click on our link and tell yourself, "I’m going to junk my car today and I'm not going to feel bad about it"! 

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