St. Patrick's Day is a day for celebrating all things Irish, including the tradition of getting fully sloshed and fall-down drunk (usually on beer dyed with green food coloring or on Irish whiskey). This is likely not a "real" Irish tradition, although the Irish are known for their drinking prowess, but more likely an American excuse to drink in excess on St. Patrick's Day. Nonetheless, drinking is a part of most people's St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

Drink Responsibly

Most people have heard the slogan "Drink Responsibly" a thousand times. This basically means that if you choose to drink alcohol that you do so with a responsible plan for getting you to and from an event or venue and a responsible plan for not landing yourself in the hospital or dead. Making responsible choices and planning ahead is simply part of being an adult.

Despite the frequency of DUI's and DWI's in the news, the majority of adults in the U.S. do drink responsibly. Some people consume alcohol in the comfort of their own homes. Most adults, if they choose to go out and drink, use public transportation, use a taxi, use their legs, or use a designated driver to get from place to place. Most adults do not want the burden and the shame of being pulled over for driving while intoxicated ... let alone the burden of killing another human being, because of a stupid error in judgment. Driving drunk is a decision that quite simply ruins lives.

Getting Home

Here are the most common forms of transportation used by responsible adults on St. Patrick's Day.

  1. Walking

    If you live in a city, then walking is oftentimes a very easy way to get to your favorite St. Patrick's Day party. Oftentimes, people, who do not live in the city, will drive to the city and stay in a hotel room. Hotels in the city are typically within walking distance of all the major St. Patrick's Day festivities.

  2. Taxi

    If you are in a city of any kind of size, then taxi car service is most likely available. Taking a taxi can get you to the party without forcing you to drive while intoxicated.

  3. Public Transportation

    Many cities offer buses, light-rail, and/or subway trains as a public means of moving place to place. Public transportation is an ideal means of getting you and your friends to and from any St. Patty's Day shindig.

  4. Designated Driver

    Many pubs and clubs encourage people to use a designated driver. They even have special deals on food and non-alcoholic beverages for the people, who are staying sober and driving their friends home.

Towing as a Responsible Means of Getting Home?

A method for responsibly getting you and your friends home on St. Patrick's Day that you may have never considered is towing. If you are in a bind, you are too drunk to drive, and the idea of jail time or killing someone (including yourself) is not the way you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, then consider having your car towed home. Many people think your car has to be broken down to get a tow, but that is simply not true. Whether you choose to ride in the tow truck with the tow truck driver, or you and your friends take a taxi home, while your car is being towed home, having your car towed home is the responsible and surprisingly sensible thing to do on St. Patrick's Day.

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