Before the Tow Driver Arrives:

  • Please send us the specific address where the vehicle is parked
  • Please DO NOT sign the Title, the tow driver will show you where to sign
  • Please CLEAN out the car, any trash or car parts to other vehicles
  • Please call/text JCCO or the tow driver if you have to reschedule ahead of time
    • A call beforehand to reschedule is totally fine
    • A “No-Show” when the tow driver arrives and no one is there to meet him, will result in a drastically reduced price for a rescheduled pickup
  • Bill of Sale and/or copy of signed title is only available upon request

What to Expect:

  • Tow driver will call you to schedule a pickup typically within 2 hours of agreeing to quote
    • If you don’t hear from the tow driver in 24 hours please respond to confirmation email/text (Sunday’s being the exception)
  • Tow driver will arrive, request to see the title, and then do a quick vehicle inspection
  • Tow driver will make sure:
    • The VIN on the title matches the VIN on the car
    • The vehicle is complete and matches description
      • If cars are missing parts that were not disclosed that will affect the price
    • The vehicle is not full of garbage
  • After quick inspection, driver will show you where to sign the title
  • Tow driver will give you the cash for the title and haul your car away 
    • For newer vehicles tow driver may present a check, will be disclosed ahead of time

Why do we ask that you CLEAN OUT your vehicle?

This past summer a high number of cars have been filled with garbage and trash. We are not interested in trash, we just want the car. Some of these cars go to scrap yards, some to recycling centers, they don’t want trash either.

Please take a few minutes and take the garbage out.

If the tow driver sees a vehicle filled with trash he may ask you to remove it. If the trash isn’t removed we will either reduce the payment amount or refuse pickup altogether. This has happened enough this year to make it a policy now.

Title Issues:

Vehicle Titles are legal documents and all signatures must be in the perfect place. Signatures in the wrong places results in lots of extra paperwork and an admin payment penalty. This is the most common issue that occurs.


We really appreciate your cooperation and your business! Thanks!