1. Your Quote Will Arrive Shortly
    • If you do not see it in your Inbox Folder, please check your SPAM and/or Promotions Folder.
  2. Title Verification
    • If you accept our quote, we'll request a photo of your title before we send out our tow trucks.
  3. Tow Truck Dispatch
    • The driver calls you to set up a time and comes to get your car.
  4. Pick Up & Payment
    • The driver arrives, verifies the VIN and title, and pays you for your vehicle!


We want to get you your money fast! So if you don’t see our Confirmation Email in your primary inbox, it may have been sent to your SPAM, or in Gmail, the Promotions Folder.

To make sure you don’t miss our Quote Email, please move this confirmation email into your primary inbox. You can also click on our JCCO logo and “Add to Contacts” so you don’t miss our emails.

On Desktop

If it is sent to SPAM, just open the mail and click “Safe to Read” and it will move it to your Inbox.

If its in your Promotions Folder, it’s a simple Drag-and-Drop. Click the email, and pull it into the Primary Folder. It will ask you if you want to make that permanent, say Yes!

Step 1 - locate the email in the uncache folder for cash for junk cars.
A screenshot of a google docs email featuring a dog and junk car cash out.
A screenshot of a Google search page featuring a popup for cash for junk cars.

On Mobile

If you don’t see the email in your Primary Inbox, select the Three Horizontal Bars on the top left of your screen.
Then select Promotions or SPAM, to see where the confirmation email landed.
Once you find it, open the email. At the top right of the screen select the top-most vertical three dots.
Click the top option: Move To. Then select Primary.
This will ensure you get our emails easily and we get paid easily!
A screenshot of the gmail app on an iPhone with cash for junk cars as a keyword.
A screenshot of the Junk Car Cash Out app displaying cash for junk cars.
Junk car cash out quote screenshot.
A screenshot of the junk car app on a phone, facilitating cash for junk cars.
A screenshot of the move to primary option in the Google Play Music app featuring junk car cash out.