Why You Should Always Keep a Utah Towing Service Phone Number on You

“New car and truck models are more durable and reliable these days compared to earlier models,” according to a press release published last February 2013 by J.D. Power and Associates 2013 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study. Based on the study, many car owners, who are driving 2010 models, experience fewer problems unlike those who are still using previous car models. To obtain an accurate reliability score, one hundred vehicles were selected per model. The dependability score is derived from the number of reported problems.

So here’s a question. What is the impact of this study on you as a car owner?

The reliability index provides data based on real life events. However, here is a caveat just in case the study sounds like gospel truth. What would you do if your battery is dead and you are in the middle of nowhere? Where would you seek immediate help? Car batteries do not have an indefinite lifespan. That is why it makes perfect sense to keep a towing service contact number. If your car breaks down, you can always depend on a towing company for immediate assistance.

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So what you should expect from a towing service company?


When your car is in trouble and you are still miles away from home, the last thing you need is an unreliable towing service. Regardless of the time and location, a truly dependable towing company should be readily available 24 hours to deliver prompt and efficient services.


Depending on the type of service you urgently need, a towing service company may charge separate fees for country line crossing and towing. Ideally, ask the company upfront about the payment. Some towing companies may not help you with your car insurance processing. Make sure you get the right details to avoid delays and confusion.

Usually, towing companies only provide basic services such as transporting your vehicle to your desired destination. However, there are also other kinds of services that you might find helpful like fuel delivery, wrecker service, jump start service, dead battery service, sight cleanup, off road car recovery, and lockout service.

Tips Before You Call a Towing Service

Panic is a natural reaction when you encounter a road mishap. Most towing companies regularly receive calls from hysterical car owners who cannot provide a clear description of their problems. So here’s what you need to do.

  • Remain calm.
  • Identify the real cause of your problem.
  • Call a towing service company immediately.
  • Always provide a clear explanation.
  • Avoid fixing the damage.
  • Make a follow-up call if necessary.
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To avoid frustration, you should always look for a towing company that provides efficient, dependable, and affordable services. Most of all, you should get all the facts straight ahead of time. Ask questions regarding payment methods, total costs, distance, insurance coverage assistance, and waiting time. Knowing the answers to all these questions beforehand can help you deal with your situation more effectively. So make that call today and talk to a towing company representative for your guidance.

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