Not interested right now? No problem. Keep shopping around, maybe you can make more with a private sale online, like on Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace. If you’re handy and have tools you may be able to part out your car out and make even more. If none of that works, we’ll still be here.

How we generate our quotes:

Several things affect our quote price, including but not necessarily limited to: year and mileage of the vehicle. Older cars (not classic vintage models) with high mileage are generally not worth very much, basically the price of scrap metal. Damage, missing parts, and tow truck driving distance are also factors. Often, it’s a combination of all of them.
We strive to offer the best price possible for all of our customers. However, one unfortunate factor right now is the current price of scrap metal is the lowest its been at in years. So if you can’t find any buyers, try back with us again in a few months, and if metal prices are up we may be able to offer you a bit more.
Thanks for considering us, and good luck with that vehicle!
JCCO Team!