We all know it's coming: the car we're driving now will die. Hopefully in the distant future, of course. For some of us, it has already happened and we're actually driving motorized coffins on wheels for which even the kindest dealership will not offer trade-in value.Denial is both a river in Egypt and a very dangerous thing when it comes to cars.

It Might Be Time to Junk Your Car If...

  1. You wonder why the Flintstones never had driving shoes.
  2. You gauge your speed by how fast the lane lines pass outside the hole in the driver's door.
  3. Your passenger has to hold the rearview mirror in place, the license plate is held on with duct tape, and the bumpers are held on with bungee cords.
  4. The only place you'll get a ticket for speeding is the golf course.
  5. Bondo® has sent you preferred stock.
  6. Your favorite garage installed an ATM just for you.
  7. Your mechanics point at your car and laugh when you pull in for service.
  8. You have a warehouse club membership just for kitty litter...but you don't own a cat.
  9. The unintentional sunroof closes with a golf umbrella.
  10. The local metal collectors swarm your driveway as soon as you leave.

Why You Need to Sell Your Car to a Junk Car Buyer

  1. Stone Age technology aside, rotting floorboards are hazardous because of possible injury to your feet (or worse, your passengers' feet!) and because of road debris that could enter the vehicle.
  2. Speedometers and other dashboard instruments are for your safety on the road. Unless you're Luke Skywalker using the Force, time to junk the car.
  3. Cars that are falling apart are deadly to the people inside them and those in cars around them. Don't cause the world's worst traffic jam when your rear quarter panel falls off during rush hour on a Friday afternoon.
  4. Most roads have safe minimum speeds, too. Can't go at least that fast? Time to junk the car.
  5. The more Bondo® or other body filler your car has, the less structural integrity it has to keep you and your passengers safe in an accident. Jaws of life don't work on crumbs.
  6. When it costs more to fix than it's worth… Logic dictates that when it costs the same to keep the car running as the car is worth to a dealer in trade, trade the car.
  7. Eventually your mechanics will be unable to fix the car. They will laugh AT you, not WITH you.
  8. Transmission fluid, Antifreeze, and oil on your driveway? Make friends with   your tow company until you junk your car.
  9. Holes in the roof weaken the roll cage of the vehicle. That umbrella? Not a     good look for any car.
  10. The car won't move much longer if you're dropping parts of the exhaust or drive shaft as you leave the driveway.

Who to Sell Your Junk Car To: Junk Car Cash Out in Salt Lake City, Utah

Our professionals at Junk Car Cash Out are located in Utah and pay the best possible price for your junk car, age and condition do not matter. We reduce, reuse, and recycleeverything for the good of our environment. We offer same-day on-the-spot cash payouts and free removal to make everything simple and easy. Call 801-441-2766 or fill out the "Get a Free Quote!" form now to get a cash offer for your junk car. Contact Junk Car Cash Out today!

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